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Big Read Book Stall

We held a book sale after school just to sell copies of our two Big Read books.  Hannah and James from the Waterstones store in Trowbridge came along to sell the books for us at a special Holbrook price.

It was a bit of a crush afterwards but Hannah and James are both professionals so they coped! 

You can still buy copies of the book from the shop in Trowbridge at the special Holbrook price. 

I hope all our pupils and families will use their special discount card and get reading.

Mr Whitewick

James and Hannah with copies of our Big Read books.



The Holbrook Big Read starts here!

Today we launched ‘The Big Read’ in assembly by announcing the titles of the books we will be reading during the month of March. 

The Key Stage One book is ‘Diary of a Wombat’ by Jackie French. 


The Key Stage Two book is ‘Stories from the Billabong’ by James Vance Marshall and Francis Firebrace.


We want all families connected to the school to read one or both of the books and tell us what they think.  There will be lots of copies of the book available in school and, next week, the team from Waterstones in Trowbridge will be here to sell copies of the book at a discounted price. 

Teachers will be reading extracts in class but we want our pupils to read the book at home, share the story with their parents, maybe have the book read to them, and we want everyone to talk about the books.

Readers of this blog can join in, too, because we will be posting pupil views and comments and the more comments we get the better.  


March 1st will be a big day!

This Thursday two exciting things are happening and both promise to be memorable aspects of our Australia Year.

The Dance Club will be attending the West Wilts Dance Festival at the Forum in Bath where they will be showing their dance based on aboriginal stories.  I saw the rehearsal today and, I can tell you, they performed brilliantly.  I particularly liked the way they showed animal characteristics through the dance.  I think they will be very impressive in front of audience in Bath.

The second event takes place on Thursday which, as you know, is World Book Day.  We will be launching our BIG READ project where we try to get all children, families and members of staff reading the same book.  We have a book for Key Stage One and a different one for Key Stage Two.   Waterstones in Trowbridge are helping us out and they will be visiting school with copies of the book.  The project will last for the whole of March but it will be launched on World Book Day so stand by (and revisit this blog) for the titles of the books! 

Mr Whitewick

Australia Exhibition

The Australian exhibition has been refreshed!  Following the latest competition the corridor is now full of brilliant KS1 posters, designed by pupils at home.  There were over 80 entries!  The rules were simple: design and make a poster and make sure the name ‘Australia’ appears on it and is spelled correctly.  I was so impressed by the many different ways children came up with to show what a great place Australia is for a holiday.

The Key Stage Two competition was harder, as you would expect.  There were only 30 entries of which 13 have been displayed in the exhibition.  The ones that made it through to the display are stunning, though.  The brief was to design a travel brochure with words and pictures which showed that Australia could be a great holiday destination. 

There will be a third competititon later this year when we shall be challenging  pupils to write stories and poems with an Australian theme. 

Mr Whitewick 


The Heart of Australia

The Y4 Play will be performed this week.  It has a title, at last, suggested by one of the cast members.   It is called ‘The Heart of Australia’.  The best way to find out why it has this title is to watch the play… but you can also read more about it on this blog this week.

Here are some further photos of rehearsals.  As you can see the scenery is being constructed.  I hope it will be ready by the first performance.

Mr Whitewick

A Special Day

Well done to everyone for your hard work and enthusiasm today. It was a special day.  I enjoyed many things about it:

  1. Older and younger pupils worked together so well.
  2. The blog writers led our assembly and I didn’t have to do anything!
  3. Our artistic map of Australia looks so good.
  4. The blog writers told us about Holbrook Public School in Holbrook New South Wales and we got to see their dance on DVD.
  5. Everyone was so enthusiastic.
  6. We had a special Australian lunch at lunchtime.
  7. Parents joined us after school for tea and lamingtons.
  8. So many people came dressed in yellow and green.
  9. So many children told me about their exciting learning activities.
  10. So many children were keen to show their parents what they had done today.

Also, I got to wear yellow socks.  I don’t do that very often!

Well done everyone!

Mr Whitewick

End of the Day

Parents joined us at the end of the day to see our map while they enjoyed tea or coffee and lamingtons or pineapple upside down cake.  Over 160 lamingtons were eaten!   It was a good way to end our special day.