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The Australian Flag

The flag of Australia is a defaced blue ensign: a blue field with the Union flag in the canton (upper hoist quarter), and a large white seven pointed star known as the commonwealth star in the lower hoist quarter.  The fly contains a representation of the Southern Cross constellation made up of five white stars – one small five pointed star and four, larger seven pointed stars.  The flag’s original design (with a six pointed Commonwealth star) was chosen in 1901 from entries in a worldwide competition held following federation, and it was first flown in Melbourne on 3rd September 1901; this date has been proclaimed as Australian National Flag day.


The Australian Flag

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Ann Minogue was born in 1968 in Melbourne, Australia and is currently 43 years old. She is a Singer, songwriter, actress, record producer, fashion designer, author, entrepreneur, Australian recording artist, songwriter, and actress. After beginning her career as a child actress on Australian television, she achieved recognition through her role in the television soap opera Neighbours, before commencing her career as a recording artist in 1987. Her first single, Locomotion spent seven weeks at number one in the Australian singles charts and became the highest selling single of the decade.

Her debut album, Kylie ( 1988), and the single “I Should Be So Lucky”, each reached number one in the United Kingdom, and over the next two years, her first 13 singles reached the British top ten. Her debut film The Delinquents (1989) was a box office hit in Australia and the UK despite negative reviews. Kylie Minogue has achieved record sales of more than 68 million and has received notable music awards, including multiple ARIA and Brit awards and a Grammy award.

These are some awards Kylie Minogue has won:

March 2003: Awarded a Centenary Medal by the Governor General of Australia for “Outstanding Contribution to the Music Industry”.   July 2002: Won “Best Chart Act” at the London Dance star Awards. March 2003: Voted in the Top 5 for Best International Singer and Woman of the Year at the “Maxim” Magazine Awards.  September 2002: Won “Best International Dance Act” at the Italian 2002 Dance Awards. December 1994: Voted amongst the top 10 Best Albums, Best Single, and Best Female Solo Singer at the Smash Hits Awards in the UK.   

I chose to do a blog entry on Kylie Minogue because she is a very big hit all around Australia and is quite popular here as well. I really like Kylie’s songs because they stay nice and simple and her outfits are really nice and her personality is very natural.


Kylie Minogue

“Sometimes I feel I am dancing in the music”:An Interview with the Didgeridoo Man (Chris Holland)

Matthew What feelings do you experience whilst playing the didgeridoo?

Both emotional and physical feelings.  I feel like my breath and rhythm is all one thing.  Sometimes I feel I am dancing in the music.

Morgan When was the first didgeridoo made?

(Chris told us a story about the Dreamtime and an Aborigine.)  In the Dreamtime, an Aborigine blew into a piece of wood which was full of termites.  He wanted to blow out the termites so he could have them for his dinner.  He blew into the wood and the termites flew out spreading out over the land.  They then lifted up and became the Milky Way.

Aborigines have a completely different time to us.  Their time is Dreamtime, our time uses numbers.

Ella Do you think it’s good for us to learn about Australia and would you do it personally?

I think it’s great for your whole school to learn about Australia and across the whole year.  It is a fascinating country and it is a great idea.

Robyn – What inspired you to play the didgeridoo?

I was working in a shop in Bath which sold didgeridoos.  I loved the sound of them and I wanted to learn more.  There was a CD playing with didgeridoo music and I liked the sound of it.

Sophie Who got you interested in the didgeridoo?

A guy called Mark Robson from a band called ‘Kangaroo Moon’.

Iman – How did you learn to play the didgeridoo?

I taught myself by practising and practising and listening to didgeridoo music.

Emily – How long have you been playing the didgeridoo? 

I started when I was 23 and I’ve been playing for 17 years.

Courtney Does anyone else in your family play?

A few have tried but just for fun!

Jago – How many didgeridoos do you have? I’ve got 100 practice ones that I take into schools and 9 other didgeridoos that I play on which are made of metal and wood.  I’ve also got a tromberidoo- a combination of a didgeridoo and a trombone.

Mollie – Do you have a favourite didgeridoo?

It changes from day to day.  I don’t have a particular favourite, it is whatever feels right on the day.

Mr Whitewick – Do you ever get to play with others?

I mostly play on my own but I use to be in a band called ‘Jabberwocky’.  I don’t get to play with others very often.  I was the only didgeridoo player in the group.

Mr Whitewick – Do you ever get to play with other didgeridoo players?

Sometimes.  When you all play in tune together the sound you create can be amazing.  The music penetrates.  It gets into your bones.

Matthew – Do you enjoy teaching people?

I love it.  When they are inspired it is great fun.  Sometimes they surprise themselves by using circular breathing without trying to!

Mollie – What can didgeridoos be made out of?

Metal, wood, glass, plastic, fibreglass and pottery.

Mr Whitewick Is it easier for kids to learn to play then adults?

No, it’s not easier for kids than adults but kids tend to learn quicker.  If you really want to learn, you will.

Freya – Can you play any other instruments?

I can play percussion instruments because of the didgeridoo.

Iman – Can you play the didgeridoo for a certain length of time?

Not really.  You keep going until your lips don’t want to work.  The longest time I’ve played for is about 12-13 minutes.  Some players can go for up to 45 minutes.

Mollie – Which didgeridoos don’t  you have?

I don’t have a glass, fibreglass or metal one.

Mr Whitewick – Is there a certain didgeridoo you would love to have?

I’d love to have a slide didgeridoo but they’re expensive.

Emily – Was it hard to learn how to play?

I found it hard and I got frustrated at times because it felt that I hadn’t learned anything new.  When you are frustrated it is better to put it down and leave it alone and come back to it later.  I found that when I came back to it, I realised I had learned new things and was getting better.

Iman – Can you play any other instruments because you know how to play the didgeridoo? 

Circular breathing helps with instruments like a saxophone, clarinet and trumpet.

(Chris told us about when he went to Australia about 14 years ago he met a man who could play the didgeridoo.  He’s also a writer and he writes books for teenagers.  His name is Scot Gardner so maybe you could check out some of his books.- Matthew)

Do you do private lessons as well as going into schools?

Yes, I also do some performances.  I have got 2 claims to fame.  The first one was when I played with Rolf Harris and his  band.  My second one was when Eric Clapton signed my didgeridoo.

Ella – Where did you visit when you went to Australia?

Mostly the East Coast between Brisbane and Melbourne.  My favourite place to visit is Bald Rock which is the second biggest single rock in Australia after Ayers Rock.

Sophie – How long do you practise for?

I practise 10 minutes a day but I haven’t been practising at all lately!  I must get back to it!

Mr Whitewick – When your feeling sad or unhappy does playing the didgeridoo help?

Sometimes, it helps me feel better when I do.

Interview by the whole blogging group and recorded by Matthew.

Holbrook Dance Success

Hello, my name is Morgan and this blog entry is about my opinion of the Riverina Dance Festival entries.   Abby, Isabelle, Jacob and Ali from Holbrook Public School sent us a DVD showing their dance and dances from other schools as well.

I think that our link school, Holbrook Public School, performed a very interesting dance routine.  I hadn’t seen a dance like that before.  I especially liked the stunning costumes and the amazing choreography.  I thought it was unique and also amazingly performed.

I watched the other dances on the DVD.  In some there was too much going on but most were very well choreographed.  My two favourite dances were the “Boppin’ with Mary Poppins” performed by Murrumburrah Public School and “The Child Within” performed by Holbrook Public School.

Holbrook Public School’s dance was so good that the pupils went on to the State Dance Festival in Sydney.

And finally, I would just like to congratulate all the brave pupils and students from all the schools that participated in this successful and astonishing dance festival.


Holbrook Dance Group Success!

I emailed our partner school, Holbrook Public School, and asked a few pupils questions about the dance festival they entered.   They had a big success with their dance group at a State dance festival.  Here are the answers they gave to my questions.


Thank you for your questions and the interest you have shown in our dance.  We are lucky to have dance at our school, including a dance studio and we all enjoy doing dance.  We have enjoyed going to State dance, Riverina dance and other things we have achieved through dance.  Mrs Preston is a great teacher and we are very lucky to have her in our school.

We all were all part of the school dance troupe and went to the State Dance Festival in Sydney and so Mr Weaven worked with us to answer your questions.

Where was the festival held?

Sydney, at the Seymour Centre, attached to Sydney Uni

Was the festival a dance festival or did they do other performances as well?

Just dance – like a big concert

How many other schools attended?

It was over 5 days and included 6 performances, involving different schools each performance. There were 73 schools who performed, a total of 1500 students from the 2300 schools in NSW.

Do you know how many people were in the audience?

Each performance, the theatre would hold around 300 people.

Did you do one dance or several?

Just the one, titled – “The Child Within”

Who choreographed the dance(s)?

Mrs Preston, our dance teacher who also teaches Year 3

What music did you dance to?

Love You by Free Design

When was the festival?

It was held for a week from Monday 12th September to Friday 16th September – we performed on Wednesday night – 14th September

Was it hard to do? Did you have to practice a lot?

It was very hard to do, we practiced all the time, spare time, some sports time, a lot of lunch times – but we all agree it was really worth it. It also took a while because we had 32 students involved form Years 1 to 6 (6yr olds to 12 yr olds)

Are you proud of your performance?

Definitely – we were proud to be the first Riverina school chosen to attend the State dance festival and it was also at a very high level and it was an experience of a life time.


Ali, Jacob, Isabelle and Abby

I was very pleased to get a response and congratulate them on their success.

Morgan R

Mr Weaven the Principal with the School Leaders


The Rock Wallaby

I researched Australian Rock Wallabies and typed up a fact file about them.  Here are the facts:
  • Rock Wallabies are an interesting group of Australian animals that live on rocky outcrops.
  • They are small animals, not taller than half a metre and they have very strong back legs that enable them to hop on the rocks.
  • Rock Wallabies shelter in caves and rock crevices.
  • Rock Wallabies live in colonies, the size of which depends on availability of food and shelter.
  • Wallabies, like their close kangaroo relatives, have long tails for balance and large feet and strong legs for jumping great distances.
  • Wallabies are members of the kangaroo clan found primarily in Australia and on nearby islands.
  • All wallabies are marsupials or pouched mammals.
  • Wallabies are typically small to medium-sized mammals, but the largest can reach 6 feet (1.8 meters) from head to tail.
Here is a picture of an Australian Rock Wallaby
Morgan R

Extreme Australian Art!

Holbrook Primary KS2 pupils have been very busy creating works of detailed Australian art for a big competition.  The contest has now closed and there are at least 50 pieces of art and I hope they all look very lovely!  I hope very much most of them will go on display.  Here are a few examples: a Koala bear made out of cotton; a Kangaroo made out of tissue paper.

I am now going to interview Charlotte Reed about her astonishing piece of art that she has made for the competition.

My first question is “How did you make the piece of beautiful art?”  She replied, “My mum had drawn an outline of Australia.  I painted it different colours and stuck on decoy animals”.

“What inspired you to make this design?”

“The beauty of Australia and lovely scenes.”

“How long did it take you to make?”

“2 weeks and 3 days.  It was hard work but I managed to finish in time!”

My last question is, “are you proud of your work?”

She replied, “yes, I am very proud of it !”

I chose Charlotte’s work of art because it is very clear and detailed and I liked the little Koala bear!  Thank you Charlotte for taking your time to answer these questions!

Morgan R