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Australia Year- Personal Highlights

Australia Year is coming to an end.  The school term (and year) finishes on Friday, so this is a good point to find out what we most enjoyed about this special year.  To finish our blog we will be asking lots of people what they thought the highlights were.  We have started with views from the blog group. 

“The event I have most enjoyed through Australia Year is when Frances Firebrace came in and did lots of Aboriginal-type paintings with KS2.  We had to pair up and were only allowed to use red, yellow, blue and black paints, but that made it more exciting!”  Mollie

“My highlight of Australia year was when we made the Australian Poles for the end of Year 6 art.  I enjoyed this activity because we all got to be together and I really like calving wood. I wrote R+E+C=BFF. I did get a big cut in my hand but I do have a bit of me left behind (my blood).” Robyn

“My favourite thing about Australia year is when we did our aboriginal poles with Chris Holland (The Didgeridoo man!) I am looking forward to the signing of the t-shirts this Friday.”  Emily

“I haven’t got a favourite. I just Liked the whole year round and am glad I was a part of it. But I can’t wait till Friday!”  Sophie

“I think that the highlight of Australia year has got to be the year 6 Totem poles but Australia day comes close.  I know that almost everybody in Holbrook loved Australia day including me because of it’s extremely fun activities.”  Matthew P

The Other Facts of Life

We have finished performing the play! We think it was a great success, we have enjoyed it but glad it’s over.

Emily said: “I think that all the parents thought it was funny and enjoyable.”

Sophie said: “I think parents liked it and everyone was amazing at their parts.”

Mollie said: “It was good and I liked it!”

Matthew W said: “It took lots of practice and we enjoyed it lots!”

Mr Whitewick said: “I enjoyed it very much, it made me laugh, but I preferred it when you sang along to a backing track.  Singing along to a  CD doesn’t work as well- you cannot hear the pupils, just the CD.  I thought it was a very well written play, though.”

Matthew P said: “It was good, but I think it was a bit long.”

Ella said: “I enjoyed making the props more than acting in the play.”

Robyn said: “I enjoyed watching the making of the props and putting on the play.”

Assembly Music

So far this year, we have had lots of enjoyable music in assembly and now we have a new album called ‘Kakadu’ by Tony O’Connor.

We have listened to two tracks so far: ‘Ode to the Bush’ and ‘Floodplain’.  We think that the children and members of staff have really enjoyed them.

We are looking forward to listening to ‘Shapes of Mystery’, ‘Lightning Man’, ‘Billabong Birdwatching’ and ‘Gagudju Life Force’ (which are all the songs on the album.)

That is what I think.  What about you?



Big Read: First Impressions

I am really enjoying reading stories from the billabong because they are all about different animals and how aborigines believe they have evolved.

 I have only read about half of them at the moment but I am going to keep reading them so that I can learn lots of different things that I might not already know. I also think that the illustrations are really effective especially the one of the story of the kangaroo.

 I think that Francis Firebrace and James Vance Marshall are really good role models because they have inspired me to read their book by the detail of their pictures and how aboriginal they really are.

I think that KS1 pupils enjoy it just as well as KS2 pupils do because of the stories and how they are from the dreamtime.

I will keep updating when I have read a few more of the dreamtime stories and I hope you enjoy them too.


Australia Day Feedback

I really enjoyed the way that we got to work with Nightingale class and do some different activities with the younger ones. I also liked the way that we got to wear green and yellow things to school. I think that it was quite hard to wear green and yellow but I was really surprised to how many people wore green and yellow and took part in Australia day. Here is some of the feedback from some of the children in Zephaniah class.

“I think that Australia day was really fun and I liked the way we got to work with the younger children in Nightingale class.”             Freya

“I enjoyed Australia day because the activities were fun and organised so that everyone could do everything. My favourite activity was working on the map of Australia (the big map).”        Jago

“I liked working with the little ones and I liked the way we all worked together and did a fair share of the map. I also really enjoyed working with Nightingale class and   I think they enjoyed working with us too.”        Becky

“I enjoyed Australia day because we could work with the younger children. I also really enjoyed working in two different classes and getting to make friends with the children in Nightingale.”    Kelly

Overall I think that Australia day was fun and full of excitement. We also had 703 hits on our Australia blog and that has been our best day so far. I hope you enjoyed Australia day as much as we did.

Working with younger pupils was popular


Two Weeks with the Queen: Two opinions

In Deep See Readers, we read ‘Two Weeks with the Queen’ by Morris Gleitzman.  It was a brilliant book as it delt with serious issues in a way that children could understand.  Colin Mudford was the main character and he was sent to England by his parents so that he could try to worry less about his brother, Luke, which had cancer.  Colin met a man called Ted whose partner was in hospital with AIDS.  This book is so much better than Toad Rage and I hope to read more books like this.


I didn’t like ‘Two Weeks with the Queen’ as much as ‘Toad Rage’ because it wasn’t a very funny book.  It was more of a serious book.  I felt sympathetic for Luke and Colin because Luke was the one diagnosed with cancer but Colin had to live with his Aunty and Uncle while Luke dies.  I thought it could have been longer so more people would want to read it and see whether Luke dies or gets healed.


The Deep See Readers

Toad Rage: Further thoughts

This book is about a toad thinking that humans hated them because they always ran over the toads.  I thought this book was a good book because it was a funny book but had a deeper meaning behind the story.  Limpy (the toad who thought humans hated them) went on a risky journey to the Olympics so they could be more popular with humans.  This happened happily but made stuffed toads with real toads!  It finished with the same start which I thought was clever.

The deeper meaning of this book is that if you look ugly it does not mean you are mean and nasty.


When I started to read the book ‘Toad rage’ by Morris Gleitzman I really enjoyed it.  The book is about a cane toad called Limpy trying to figure out one of the questions he always wanted to find an answer to which was, why do humans hate us?.  He starts by asking his family. They all said that either he was an idiot or, that’s the way life is. He then decided to go on an adventure and find some humans and ask them why they hate cane toads.

I didn’t think the book was interesting enough for me. I don’t think I will be reading that book again and I hope to enjoy more books by Morris Gleitzman like ‘Two weeks with the queen’  and I also hope to read the book ‘Water Wings’ by Morris Gleitzman too.


I really enjoyed reading Toad Rage, because it was really funny and I thought it was one of the best books I have ever read. However I thought it could be a bit longer so that it got more and more interesting as the book went on.

As soon as I had finished Toad Rage I wanted to read more of Morris Gleitzman’s books so that I could have more of a feel of what his books are really like. I think that all his books would be as good, but I still think Toad Rage will be his best one.