People who have helped us

We have had help from many people to make Australia Year a success.  Here are some of them:

Abby, Ali, Isabelle, Jacob- Abby is  Captain and Jacob is Vice- Captain of Holbrook Public School, NSW.  Ali and Isablle are prefects.  They are the school leaders from our partner school who have answered our questions and helped us with our research.

Professor Carl Bridge- Professor Bridge is Director of the Menzies Centre for Australian Studies at Kings College, London.  He has answered our questions, suggested books we could read as part of our year, and told us where we can get even more help.

British- Australian Society: West Country Branch- The Australian High Commissioner put us in touch with this organisation.  They have helped us with further links and the west country branch organiser sent us a map showing the first journey taken from Britain to Australia.

David Clarke– Mr Clarke is the Manager for School Standards and Curriculum at Wiltshire Council.  He is also an Australian.  He has supported us with ideas for Australia Year and has visited school to talk to us about his time growing up in Australia and teaching in Australian schools.

Mr John Dauth AO LVO– The Australian High Commissioner wrote back to Matthew and gave us the contact details for the organiser of the British- Australian Society based in the South West.  He also wished us well for our study of Australia.

Francis Firebrace– Artist and storyteller Francis Firebrace of the Yorta Yorta people came to school to lead art and storytelling workshops.  He is the illustrator of ‘Stories from the Billabong’, one of our Big Read books, and he signed copies of the books for our pupils.   

Dr Ian Henderson– Dr Henderson is a university lecturer who works at Kings College, London.  Mr Whitewick contacted him in July 2011 when teachers were planning Australia Year and he gave advice on books to read and how to find websites that will help us.

Chris Holland: The Didgeridoo Man– Chris ran two days of workshops at our school in November demonstrating the didgeridoo and encouraging us to have a go.  He also told us Dreamtime stories and taught us about Aborigine culture.

Travis Wakeling– Travis is an Australian.  He lives in Adelaide.  He visited Holbrook in September.  He answered questions about Australia and taught Aussie rules football to pupils in Y5 and Y6.

Waterstones, Trowbridge– The staff at the Trowbridge branch of Waterstones have helped us with our Big Read idea.  Sara, the manager, and her team provided book ideas and have supplied us with the professional bookseller support to make our Big Read a success.  James and Hannah came to school to run a special Big Read book stall.

Mr J Weaven– Mr Weaven is principal of Holbrook Public School in Holbrook, New South Wales, Australia.  He replied to Mr Whitewick’s email saying he would be pleased to be a partner school for our school this year.

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