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Aborigine Ancestor Poles


In June, Chris Holland returned to Holbrook to help us with our Year 6 project. He came in to have a talk to us and tell us about what we would be doing for our project. We all took turns to complete our piece of artwork. We used drills and chisels to make our own section unique. We could then use paint in the colours of red, ochre and black to make it stand out more. After all the brilliant designs, including one of the Holbrook dragon, we held a special ceremony for our poles to be put up. Each year 6 then wrote a wish and a gratitude to be put inside the wood. 



Wiltshire International Conference

Yesterday, Wiltshire held its first conference for students and pupils in Wiltshire schools on the theme of International work.  14 schools gave presentations about the international links they had with schools around the world.  The conference was held at Royal Wootten Bassett Academy.

Holbrook was represented by 8 Y4 pupils who gave their presentation in the form of a small drama explaining why and how we have studied Australia this year. 

The drama was well received by the pupils and staff at the conference.  Here are some photos of the drama in rehearsal and in performance.

Gifts from Australia

On the last day of term 5, Mr Whitewick received a parcel from Holbrook Public School our link school in Australia.  Inside the package there was a t-shirt.  It is their summer sports uniform.  It has their school logo on the front and their school name on the back.  The package also contained 3 books about their town and region in Australia: The first is about the connection between Holbrook and Submarines; the second about the town of Holbrook; and the third is a tourist leaflet for Holbrook.  They have some interesting pictures in and the writing is very detailed and descriptive.


One of our pupils in Kingsley Class modeled the shirt for us.  He is standing next to our school dragon.


Prank Patrol Down Under

‘Prank Patrol’ first starred Barney Howard and the ‘Ninjas’ in 2010 to early 2011.  Kids around the UK had to phone ‘Prank Patrol’ and explain why they wanted to prank their best friend and Barney would choose the best ones to go on the show!

Now, there is a new series called ‘Prank Patrol- Down Under’, which is the same, but based in Australia!  The presenters are Scotty and the ‘Ninjas!’

Scotty and the Ninja’s help kids to create and build the prank of a lifetime on their best friend – all they have to do is call in the Prank Patrol and the prank will begin!