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Wiltshire International Conference

Yesterday, Wiltshire held its first conference for students and pupils in Wiltshire schools on the theme of International work.  14 schools gave presentations about the international links they had with schools around the world.  The conference was held at Royal Wootten Bassett Academy.

Holbrook was represented by 8 Y4 pupils who gave their presentation in the form of a small drama explaining why and how we have studied Australia this year. 

The drama was well received by the pupils and staff at the conference.  Here are some photos of the drama in rehearsal and in performance.

Trowbridge- Australia Links

We have started work on our map showing all the links we have found out about between Trowbridge and Australia.  So far, 19 people have sent in forms showing the connections.  Some of these are relatives who live there, others are trips people have made and others are places where people used to live.

We have colour coded the map pins to show different categories and each person has a number so if somebody went on  a long trip all around Australia, they would have many map pins but the same number!

Number one on our map (in red) is the location of our partner school in Holbrook, New South Wales.

Interview with My Mum

I interviewed my mother because she has been to Australia.

The first question I asked is what is the landscape like?

She answered, “very diverse – from the red desert with white gum trees to the green of the rainforests.”

I then wanted to know what facts she learnt while being there

“She only leant one about how koalas spend their day, 20 hours sleeping, 3 hours eating and 1 hour mating.”

She visited Ayer’s rock, so I asked her what she thought about it

She replied, “a magical rock that changes colour depending on the time of day and position of the sun. It is of great spiritual significance to Aborigines.

She told me that she also visited the rainforest so she told me that it was warm, wet and full of mosquitoes!

My final question was what snorkelling is like in Barrier Reef.

 “You get to see millions of different types of fish.”