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How Koala Got His Ears

Here is a second ‘Dreamtime style’ story.  This one has been submitted by Madeleine in Kandinsky class.

One glorious Summer’s day a koala was climbing up a eucalyptus tree.  When it was climbing it heard a lovely humming sound.  Its ears were only the size of an average pea at that time so it could only just hear the hum of the humming bird.  It was about to keep listening but the other animals were chanting for him to go down to the water hole.  He said, ‘Fine, but you must promise not to hurt me.’

Now Kangaroo wasn’t there at that time and kangaroo liked to do boxing. He wasn’t ordinary, he was a white kangaroo.  

A few hours later, he came down to the water hole to see koala there.  He said, ‘Koala, you’re going to have to have your ears boxed today!’

‘No!’ said the animals.

‘Yes!’ said Kangaroo.

‘Please, no,’ said Koala.

‘I do what I say,’ said kangaroo.

‘Fight me, first,’ said Dingo.

‘Fine!’ said kangaroo.  Boof!  Dingo got pushed over. Koala started climbing… Kangaroo was faster!  Koala caught himself on a branch.  kangaroo caught him!  Kangaroo brought him down and boxed his ears.  

‘Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Owwwwwwww!’