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Trowbridge- Australia Links

We have started work on our map showing all the links we have found out about between Trowbridge and Australia.  So far, 19 people have sent in forms showing the connections.  Some of these are relatives who live there, others are trips people have made and others are places where people used to live.

We have colour coded the map pins to show different categories and each person has a number so if somebody went on  a long trip all around Australia, they would have many map pins but the same number!

Number one on our map (in red) is the location of our partner school in Holbrook, New South Wales.

What Happened to May?

Regular blog readers will have noticed that our blog went quiet in May.  There were two major reasons for this: Y6 pupils had to take SATs in May and, unexpectedly, OFSTED inspectors arrived to inspect the school.  Despite these interruptions to normal school life, we have been learning about Australia and finding out more. 

We have been gathering information from parents and friends of the school for our map which shows links between Australia and Trowbridge.  It is amazing to see how many people living in Trowbridge have visited, have relatives living there, or have some other important connection. We have even found real Australians who now live here!

We intend to have many more blog entries in June and July!


End of the Day

Parents joined us at the end of the day to see our map while they enjoyed tea or coffee and lamingtons or pineapple upside down cake.  Over 160 lamingtons were eaten!   It was a good way to end our special day.

Our Map

Today we created a map of Australia which we will display in our school in a special place.  All pupils were involved.  The classes paired up to ‘create’ a state in their own style and at the end of the day we came together in the school hall to see the effect when they were joined together.

Australia Map on the Playground

Last week, an Australian Map was put down on the Dragon Playground. It shows all 7 states in a different colour. New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania have each been put down behind the dragon. It looks really effective, I asked different people about what they thought of the markings:

Mr Whitewick: ‘I think it’s really good that the School Council put down the markings during Australia Year and it would be really good if someone could mark on Holbrook, New South Wales on the map.’

Iman: ‘I think it’s quite cool and it would be nice for the KS1 children see what states are in Australia.’

Miss Gough: ‘It’s very nice and colourful.’

Mr Millar: ‘I think it’s great and some of the younger children now know the states of Australia.’

Mrs Farmer: ‘It looks good, children like it as they play about on it.’


Our new playground map


The new map in position

The Australia Gallery is Open!

Teachers gathered after school yesterday to decide which works of art should be included in the library corridor gallery.   It was a difficult job but, after a lot of thought, 34 of the 57 pieces  submitted were put on display.  The quality of the work was amazing!

Included in the gallery are paintings, collage, models from card, papier mache models, an appliqued cushion, a work of art made from a plant, and some Joseph Cornell style boxes.  The only rule was that the outline map of Australia had to feature somewhere.  On some pieces it was immediately obvious but on others you had to look closely to find the map.  It was fascinating to see the different ways in which our pupils interpreted the theme.

We decided not to have first, second or third prizes.  I think it would be very hard to decide which of the many imaginative works of art should be awarded first prize!  I also think that everyone will have a different favourite.

Pupils from Nightingale, Ravel, Redgrave and Kingsley classes contributed collages they created to go on display alongside the KS2 competition entries. Each collage took a theme, such as animals, people or food, and was made in the shape of the map of Australia.

Some of the competition entries forgot to include the map and some were not as good as they could be.  These were not included.  However, teachers are so pleased with the high number of entries, as well as the thought and creativity on display, that every pupil who participated will receive a special prize.  Watch this blog to find out what it is!

Mr Whitewick