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A Koala in the Post!

A Holbrook pupil had a pleasant surprise in the post this week.  Keziah opened a parcel from her godmother to find an Australian gift inside!  Before she opened it she thought the box might contain chocolates- it had that sort of texture.  Instead, a koala stared back at her.  It wasn’t a real one, luckily for any koalas out there.  It was a teddy type toy. 

Keziah’s godmother went to Australia on holiday and brought her back the koala as a souvenir.  Now, the koala will sit on her bed where it will be well looked after. 

Keziah did not know whereabouts in Australia her godmother went.  We need to know so we can record it on our big map showing the connections between our school and Australia.

Matthew P  

Trowbridge- Australia: Any Connections?

This week we are sending out a letter to parents and carers to see what connections we can find between Trowbridge and Australia.  We also want to put a leaflet in the Trowbridge Museum because we think we could find out a lot about people who have travelled between our town and Australia.

 Here is the text of the letter:

Dear Parents and Carers

Have ever been to Australia?  Do you have any family or friends there?  Do you know any Australians living in Trowbridge?  If you do, we would like to know about it.  We want to see how many connections there are between Trowbridge and Australia.  We want to map all these links on a giant map of Australia in our school hall. 

Every connection we find out about will be marked on the map with a pin.   The first pin will be our connection with our partner school, Holbrook Public School in Holbrook, New South Wales.  

This will be helpful because it will not just be the children and staff members of Holbrook involved with Australia Year; parents will be involved too!

Hopefully, by the end of the school year the map will be full with pins, all of which mark a connection between Trowbridge and Australia.  As we are in the last two terms, we would like this project to be amazing so that we have a good end to our school year.

Thank you for your help

Yours sincerely

Sophie and Robyn

My Australia Parcel

On Wednesday 11th April, I had a parcel from Australia.  I found out that this parcel was from our friends, who live in Australia, Peggy and Mike.  I would like to thank Peggy and Mike very much for the package.  In the parcel was lots of Australian items: Freddos; Caramello koalas; Vegemite; the Australian flag; a picture of the weather; two Australian post cards, one with Australian animals on it and another with the national anthem of Australia on it; a film of great sites in Southern Australia; a Vegemite themed joke book; and a cuddly kangaroo.

I was really excited when it arrived.  When I saw it was from Australia, I practically jumped as high as a kangaroo.  Then, after I had opened it, I thought about how long its journey must have been.  The parcel came to me by airmail. It went from Seaford, South Australia to Trowbridge, Wiltshire.


Birthday Card

On the 10th of February it was my birthday and I got a birthday card from some friends who live in Australia.


The stamp has a picture of Tasmania, Bay of Fires. Also it cost $1.50 and it goes though Air mail.

It got sent 29th of January. It took 8 days to arrive and arrived on the 6th of February.


Inside my card they have put “Dear Ella to wish you a happy birthday and then to tell you, too, you make the world a nicer place just by being you! Have a wonderful day with love from down under Peggy and Mick xx”.

That is about my exciting birthday card from Australia.


Y4 Play: The Heart of Australia

Yesterday Y4 performed their play for the first time.  All classes in the school came to see the performance and, afterwards, Zephaniah class wrote a letter to the Y4 pupils.  This is what it said:

Dear Year 4,

We thought that your play was very impressive and very well written. While we were watching our mouths where wide open, waiting to see what would happen next. We particularly enjoyed the snake story.

We would have liked to see more stories, and more about koalas. We liked the way you split it up into different stories. We liked the way everyone spoke clearly, and looked at the audience. We also liked the way you learnt your parts. You shared out your lines very well. The heartbeat at the beginning of each story was really effective.  We also thought that the animal rhythm was really effective, (we even had a go our selves!!!)  Some of the performances were really funny!

Overall it was a really good play – you and Mr Whitewick have worked really hard. If you did another play we would love to come!

Yours truly

Zephaniah class and Mrs Nunn

Letter from the High Commissioner

At the beginning of January I wrote a letter to Mr John Dauth, the High Commissioner of Australia. He is the Australian representative for Australia in Britain. Australia House is the main building where everything goes on. He replied to me and here are some parts of his letter:

Dear Matthew

I was really delighted to get your letter of 16 January.  It demonstrates initiative, enterprise and, above all else for me, strong support for links between our two great countries. Congratulations on all that you have already done.

My pleasure at the receipt of your excellent letter makes it even harder for me to tell you that is difficult for me to contemplate a visit to you. Commitments in London make it hard to get out of the capital and, much as though I would very much enjoy coming to meet you and your colleagues, I can’t, frankly, see that being possible in the near future.

I have sent this note also to the Chairman of the West Country Branch of the Britain-Australia Society, Mr Richard Pavitt.

Once again, many congratulations on all your very good work. Should you or any of your colleagues be in London at any time, please come and see me.

John Dauth

I was very excited by Mr Dauth’s reply. Mr Whitewick has been contacted  by Mr Pavitt of the British- Australia society and he has sent us a map of the first journey white men took in Australia. He has said he will also visit us soon.