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Geoffrey Rush

Geoffrey Roy Rush was born on 6th July 1951 in Queensland.  He attended Everton Park State High School in Brisbane before his career in acting started.  This year he was awarded the Australian of the Year Award 2012. He has played Captain Barbossa in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series and Lionel Logue in ‘The King’s Speech’.  I really liked him in Pirates of the Caribbean as his character was meant to be really scary and horrible but I just found him funny.  He has won 3 BAFTAs and 2 Golden Globes so he is an extremely acclaimed actor.


Geoffrey Rush as Captain Barbossa in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies.

David Stratton

I wrote about David Stratton because he was born in Trowbridge and is now a famous Australian film critic and TV presenter.

David Stratton was born on 10th September 1939 in Trowbridge. He is an English-Australian film critic and a TV celebrity. He is currently presenting At the Movies on ABC with Margaret Pomeranz. When he was a child he was sent to Hampshire to live with his grandmother during the war, where he was taken to the local cinema regularly. In Bath he saw his first foreign film which was Bread, Love and Dreams. He founded the Melksham and District Film Society at the age of 19 which I don’t think is still running.

David arrived in Australia in 1963 and directed the Sydney Film Festival from 1966 until 1983. He is a highly regarded expert on International Cinema – especially French. He was the President of FIPRESCI Juries in Cannes twice and in Venice once. He started working for SBS from 1980. From 2005 he started presenting At the Movies.

David Stratton’s Awards:

The Centenary Award

Croix de Commandeur of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres

Australia Film Institute’s Longford Life Achievement Award

He received an Honorary degree of Doctor of Letters from the University of Sydney

He was awarded the 60th Anniversary Medal by Festival du Film de Cannes

He received The Chauvel Award by the Brisbane International Film Festival

I think David is a very interesting man. He obviously loves films and I hope he receives lots more awards for his dedication to movies.


Famous Australian David Stratton is from Trowbridge

Cate Blanchett

Catherine Elise “Cate” Blanchett was born on the 14th of May 1969. She was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Aged 42, her height is 5`8”. She is an Australian actress who played a role in Lord of the Rings as Galadriel in 2003. She also played a role in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as Irina Spalko in 2008. Cate won the British Academy of film and Television Arts.

Her father is called Robert Dewitt Blanchett, Jr and her mother is called June Gamble. She is married to Andrew Upton and has three children. Blanchett’s husband is a playwright and screenwriter. She met Andrew Upton in 1996 while she was performing in a production of The Seagull. They were married on 29th of December 1997 and have three sons, Dashiell John born 3rd of December 2001, Roman Robert born 23rd of April 2004, and Ignatius Martin born 13th of April 2008.


Cate Blanchett in Lord of the Rings

Advice from a University

When teachers were planning Australia Year, I contacted the Menzies Centre for Australian Studies at King’s College, London- a famous university.  I wanted to see what help they could give us.  They were very helpful.  I emailed Dr. Ian Henderson and explained what we were hoping to do.  He emailed back with suggestions of books we could read and films we could watch.  He also gave us information on how to find out more.

Professor Carl Bridge is the director of the Menzies Centre.  He also emailed with further suggestions and told us about a pen-pal scheme that links British and Australian school children.

Both Dr Henderson and  Prof. Bridge received emails from me without knowing anything about Holbrook but they both replied in great detail, sharing their knowledge.  It is good to know that a university will go to so much trouble for a primary school.

You will have noticed that I haven’t told you what their recommendations were for books and films.  You will have to be patient.  I will pass on their advice in other blog entries over the next few months.  The Deep See readers group can be sure that they will be reading and discussing some of the books in their meetings.

We hope that Dr Henderson and Prof. Bridge will visit us at Holbrook at some point this year.

Mr Whitewick