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Trowbridge- Australia Links

We have started work on our map showing all the links we have found out about between Trowbridge and Australia.  So far, 19 people have sent in forms showing the connections.  Some of these are relatives who live there, others are trips people have made and others are places where people used to live.

We have colour coded the map pins to show different categories and each person has a number so if somebody went on  a long trip all around Australia, they would have many map pins but the same number!

Number one on our map (in red) is the location of our partner school in Holbrook, New South Wales.

Postcard from Australia

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog entry about my mum’s friend emigrating to Australia.  At the beginning of January, I received a postcard from them.  Here’s what it said:

Hi Matt,

Hope your project is coming on well.  Australia has just started its summer months and it’s already very hot here (40˚).  The beaches are beautiful and so is the scenery and some wildlife.  But there is also some deadly wildlife too, like the white tip spider that can kill you, most of the snakes are deadly and we get sharks quite a lot too at the beach.  The sports are slightly different in the schools such as soccer (football), Aussie rules football (mix between football & rugby), lots of water based sports like surfing, body boarding & snorkelling.  The Aussie’s celebrate Australia Day on 26th January where it’s a bank holiday & everyone has parties & fun on the beach.  Australia is also 10.5hrs in front of the UK.

Goodbye from me from down under!

I hope to receive more things from them over the year.


David Stratton

I wrote about David Stratton because he was born in Trowbridge and is now a famous Australian film critic and TV presenter.

David Stratton was born on 10th September 1939 in Trowbridge. He is an English-Australian film critic and a TV celebrity. He is currently presenting At the Movies on ABC with Margaret Pomeranz. When he was a child he was sent to Hampshire to live with his grandmother during the war, where he was taken to the local cinema regularly. In Bath he saw his first foreign film which was Bread, Love and Dreams. He founded the Melksham and District Film Society at the age of 19 which I don’t think is still running.

David arrived in Australia in 1963 and directed the Sydney Film Festival from 1966 until 1983. He is a highly regarded expert on International Cinema – especially French. He was the President of FIPRESCI Juries in Cannes twice and in Venice once. He started working for SBS from 1980. From 2005 he started presenting At the Movies.

David Stratton’s Awards:

The Centenary Award

Croix de Commandeur of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres

Australia Film Institute’s Longford Life Achievement Award

He received an Honorary degree of Doctor of Letters from the University of Sydney

He was awarded the 60th Anniversary Medal by Festival du Film de Cannes

He received The Chauvel Award by the Brisbane International Film Festival

I think David is a very interesting man. He obviously loves films and I hope he receives lots more awards for his dedication to movies.


Famous Australian David Stratton is from Trowbridge

Morris Gleitzman

The Deep See Readers will be gathering next week to discuss our latest book, ‘Toad Rage’, so I thought you might like to know a bit more about the author, Morris Gleitzman.

He was born in England in 1953 but emigrated to Australia in 1969.  He is the author of over 30 books for children, most of them mixing comedy with a serious message.  After taking a writing course he started writing scripts for television and one of those scripts about a boy called Ben was turned into his first book, ‘The Other Facts of Life’.  His book was well received and he enjoyed writing it and a great career as a children’s author opened up.

I first came across his work when I read ‘Two Weeks with the Queen’ with a reading group at my previous school.  After that the Y6 pupils were big fans and we went on to read ‘Second Childhood’, ‘The Other Facts of Life’ and ‘Toad Rage’.   I am a fan of his because his books are fun but he does not shy away from writing about difficult but important issues.  As the Deep See Readers know, when we read a book we always ask “what is the deeper meaning?”  With Morris Gleitzman’s books there is always a deeper meaning.

I can’t wait to find out what you make of ‘Toad Rage’.

Mr Whitewick

Find out more about Morris Gleitzman from his official website:

Morris Gleitzman

Moving to Australia

My mum’s friends have emigrated to Australia.  They flew to Adelaide, South Australia to live after 10 years of planning.  The family flew to Australia without any house to live in and no jobs to work at!

Their house is 15 minutes from the tropical sea and 15 minutes from the extravagant hills.  Their dream was fulfilled and they are now living in sunny Adelaide.