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Dance Performance

When we got to The Forum in Bath we were asked to sit on the balcony and watch all the other acts as were 5th from last.  When it was the 2nd group before us we were asked to come and make sure we had everything ready.  By the time we had got down by the stage we were all worried.  Some of us felt sick, some of us felt that they needed to do something to take their mind off it.  I was bouncing up and down so I didn’t think about it being the real thing and pretended it was just practice.  It was especially hard for one of the dancers who was put into two positions at the last minute. She was the most nervous.  She had to fill in for somebody who was sick and was not there.

When you get on the stage there may be bright lights in your eyes and a thousand people staring at you, but the music is the thing that keeps you going.  You feel the rhythm coming up from your toes and it gets all the way up to your brain, so somehow you end up doing the dance which you started with in the first place.  Some of the people weren’t supposed to smile but you just can’t help it. 

When the dance had finished we took a bow and went off into the audience through the main hall. After we had performed we went back up to the balcony to watch a few more, then we went to line up again with all the schools which had done it for the end finale. We all got back up on stage, took a bow and scooted back to sit with all the other schools.  The audience clapped and cheered.  They also thanked the person who organised all of it and the two young boys who presented it.  When the performance had finished, I felt so warm and fuzzy and wanted to do it all over again.  This was my last year of doing the Dance Festival as a pupil of Holbrook Primary School.  


Interview with Miss Gough

We interviewed Miss Gough about the dance festival.

How did you get the idea of the dance?

The idea came first when I watched the Y4 play. I thouhgt it would be good if we could link it to show we are learning about Australia.

How well do you think it has gone?

Amazingly well because the chidlren helped with the ideas and that made it much better!

Who was included?

Charlotte, Iona, Lauren, Destinie, Kezia B, Aimee, Amber, Mohammed, Blake, Jake H, Matthew, Thomas, Leah, Morgan Y, Emma, Kezia M, Fionn, Becky, Adam, Ella, Iman, Nikki, Freya I, Freya T, Emily K.

Why did you do the dances the way you did?

Because they are Y5 and Y6 and good dancers, I thought it would be good if they choreographed the dances themselves.  All the dances were made up of the ideas from the pupils themselves.

On a score out of ten, what would you give the dance and why?

Ten out of ten because everyone worked really hard and performed like a brilliant team!

Sophie and Robyn

Dance Club Get Ready

On the 1st of March some of the Year Fives and Year Six pupils are doing the dance festival in Bath at The Forum.  The theme this year is ‘Around the World’ so, of course, we are doing an aborigine dance to celebrate Australia year. 

We are all in small groups. We are all in groups of five.  Each group has to do a dance based on an aborigine story, for instance Matthew’s group is doing how the crocodile became a crocodile.  Some are doing how the kangaroo got its pouch and how the rainbow serpent came to be.  Another group are showing how the koala became a koala.

The music we are doing to it is also aborigine. It is called ‘Red Earth and Singing Skies’ by Iskelu.

We are going to rehearse on tomorrow at The Forum.  Other schools will be there.  We have also been practicing at school and today we are going to perform it to the whole school.

Some of the pupils have made some fantastic masks and accessorises. They are colourful and are well made.  Also they were hand- made by them.

We hope that all our time and effort has made a difference.  Luckily, we have a brilliant dance teacher to help and support us all the way: Miss Gough is her name.

So wish us luck when we go on stage.


March 1st will be a big day!

This Thursday two exciting things are happening and both promise to be memorable aspects of our Australia Year.

The Dance Club will be attending the West Wilts Dance Festival at the Forum in Bath where they will be showing their dance based on aboriginal stories.  I saw the rehearsal today and, I can tell you, they performed brilliantly.  I particularly liked the way they showed animal characteristics through the dance.  I think they will be very impressive in front of audience in Bath.

The second event takes place on Thursday which, as you know, is World Book Day.  We will be launching our BIG READ project where we try to get all children, families and members of staff reading the same book.  We have a book for Key Stage One and a different one for Key Stage Two.   Waterstones in Trowbridge are helping us out and they will be visiting school with copies of the book.  The project will last for the whole of March but it will be launched on World Book Day so stand by (and revisit this blog) for the titles of the books! 

Mr Whitewick