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Australia Exhibition

The Australian exhibition has been refreshed!  Following the latest competition the corridor is now full of brilliant KS1 posters, designed by pupils at home.  There were over 80 entries!  The rules were simple: design and make a poster and make sure the name ‘Australia’ appears on it and is spelled correctly.  I was so impressed by the many different ways children came up with to show what a great place Australia is for a holiday.

The Key Stage Two competition was harder, as you would expect.  There were only 30 entries of which 13 have been displayed in the exhibition.  The ones that made it through to the display are stunning, though.  The brief was to design a travel brochure with words and pictures which showed that Australia could be a great holiday destination. 

There will be a third competititon later this year when we shall be challenging  pupils to write stories and poems with an Australian theme. 

Mr Whitewick 



The whole school has taken part in the  Holbrook cookathon; we have made burgers because Australia is famous for barbeque food. After all the cooking we tasted each group’s burgers in our class and then voted for whose will go to the finals.  The voted burger from each class went to Mrs Corr.   Mrs Corr tasted each burger and told us what class was the nicest!  There could only be one winner.  She based her decision on how the burger tasted, how it was presented and how well it had been cooked.

The winning class was Ravel!  Ravel invented ‘ The Red Burger’.

I think it was a good idea to do burgers in Holbrook cookathon because Australia is famous for barbeque food!  Everyone did well because the whole school took part.  It would be boring if only one or two classes did it!

Congratulations to the pupils of Ravel Class. 

This is not the Red Burger!


Get Ready for Australia Day

I hope everyone is excited about Australia Day!  To celebrate at Holbrook, we are holding a special theme day.  Pupils can wear green and yellow on that day (I know- what difficult colours to find!) and there is a special menu at lunchtime.

The blogging group will start the day with their presentation on Australia and the work so far from this year.  Morgan is going to introduce the dance video from Holbrook Public School, NSW and then group members will talk about our partner school and show everyone the blog. 

During the day, classes will team up- older and younger pupils together and work on a giant artistic map of Australia in sections.  At the end of the day we will put the map together in the hall or in the playground, depending on the weather.  It should be a challenge but also fantastic fun.

To end the day we are inviting parents into school to see our (hopefully) finished map and to have tea and lamingtons.  Mrs Corr is going to cook the lamingtons in the school kitchen. 

I hope Dave Clarke will be able to join us as well.  Australia Day is also the deadline for our competitions so we should have new entries of high. It should be a fantastic day!

Mr Whitewick

New Comps!

Mr Whitewick has told Holbrook pupils their new competitions for both age groups. As you know Mr Whitewick has already written about it in less detail. So this is in more detail.

KS1 comp

The KS1 competition is that they have to do a poster about holidays in Australia.  They have to have the word Australia in the poster and have it spelt correctly.   Mr Whitewick expects good quality and good writing as well as bold and clear writing.  They can make it with the computer or handwrite it.

KS2 comp

The KS2 competition is that they have to make leaflet about going on holiday to Australia. They have to have equal writing than pictures.  Mr Whitewick is expecting high quality writing.  You can do it on the computer or handwrite it, it is up to you.

If you are in Holbrook this is a brilliant time to show your independence of skills and lots of different skills.

If your entry is really good, your leaflet or poster will go on the display board where the library is.



We have launched two competitions for this term.  KS1 pupils have been asked to design a travel poster.  Here are the details:

Australia is a great place to visit on holiday.

Design a poster that shows what a great place it is.

Your can paint or draw or use the computer to make your poster.  It could be a collage.  It can be any size.


…you must write the word ‘Australia’ somewhere on the poster and it must have the correct spelling!

 Key Stage Two pupils have a different task.  Here are their details:

Design a travel brochure to advertise Australia as a great place to visit on holiday.

Your brochure can be handwritten and drawn, or computer generated, or a mixture of both.  It can be any size.


…you must have as much writing as illustration and you must include a slogan or phrase that makes people want to visitAustralia.

All work of  high quality will be put on display in our Australia gallery.  

The deadline is 26th January.  I hope you all know why this date is significant!

Mr Whitewick

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Although our friends in Australia are on their long summer holiday, we have returned to school for term three.

There are exciting things planned this term: there is a second competition for KS2 (writing this time) and a new competition for KS1;  26th January is Australia Day and we are celebrating in school with a special theme day; our annual cookathon will have an Australian flavour this year; and Dave Clarke will be returning to tell us stories and talk about his life in Australia.

In early February Year Four pupils will be putting on the play they have developed themselves, based on traditional stories from Australia.  You can expect to see some photographs of the rehearsals on this blog soon.

It is sure to be an exciting term.  I am looking forward to seeing Holbrook pupils do their best… and, as we reach the end of term three, we will be able to share our work with pupils at Holbrook Public School, NSW as they will return from their summer holiday ready to start a new school year!

Mr Whitewick

New Year celebrations in Sydney

Iona’s Artwork

We have asked Iona some questions about her amazing artwork.  For starters we questioned, “What did you do for the Australia competition?”

Iona answered, excitedly, “I made a 3D model of the Australia outline and in the middle I did Ayer’s Rock and the other famous bits as well.”

This was all good information but we wanted to know how long did it take so we asked, “How long did it take you to make your model?”

Iona counted before answering, “It took me about two weeks but it was worth it in the end.”

Iona was very proud, you could tell, but we wanted to know, “Why did you want to do the competition?”

Iona’s expression showed when she answered, “I made it because it would be fun and I love art.”  She seemed very confident about her fabulous artwork so we asked her, “Do you think your art work will go up on display in the corridor?”

Iona thought very carefully before answering and when she did she replied confidently, “I really don’t know because when I took mine to Mr Whitewick’s office there was a lot of good art work there.”

We told Iona that it was our last question but she seemed okay with it so we asked, “Do you like making stuff and, if you do, why?”

She replied, solemnly, “Since I was four I have been doing a lot of art stuff.”

We are glad to report that Iona’s art work is on display now.

Emily and Robyn

Iona's work on display