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Chris Holland- The Didgeridoo Man

Chris Holland, the Didgeridoo Man, who came to school earlier in the year returned to us for three days to work with our Y6 pupils on a legacy piece of art.  Each year, we ask an artist to work with Y6 pupils so that they can leave a work of art behind when they move on to secondary school. 

To celebrate Australia Year, Chris returned to work on ancestor poles.  Here are a few photos of the work in progress. Expect further information in next week’s posts.

Dreamtime Art: The Exhibition

The artwork completed with Francis Firebrace when he visited our school is now on display in our library corridor!


Francis Firebrace: Kandinsky’s Views

Here are some views and opinions from Kandinsky Class on the Francis Firebrace visit:

“I really enjoyed it.  He told good stories and the painting was good.  It would have been good to have stories while we were painting.”  Madeleine

“An excellent day. I wanted longer to paint.”  Emily

“I quite liked the day.  We learned about Aboriginal art and life.  He is a good artist.” Jessica

“The boys got to be kangaroos and hunters.  It was funny.”  Edward

“It was good to choose what we could do.  His paintings gave us ideas.”  Laina

“He told us a lot about Australia that I didn’t know.” Lewis

“He had a lot of dreams in his life and he didn’t give up even though he faced challenges.”  Harry 

“He said ‘we are all the same’ but boys and girls got treated differently.”  Imran

“Telling us about the Australian animals was good.”  J’dante

“he said, ‘Am I better artist than you?’ and we all said yes but then he said he wasn’t, he just had more experience and more time to get better. That was a good thing to say.” Imran

“It was cool to meet someone who has written a book.”  Talliah

KS1 Art with Francis Firebrace

This afternoon Francis worked with Nightingale and Ravel classes.  Here are some pictures.

KS2 Art with Francis Firebrace

Here are some of the works of art produced this morning.  Some pieces may be unfinished.

Art Attack 2

Here are some further photos of the KS2 pupils at work.