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Why are Koalas so Endangered?

Koalas are endangered because they are beginning to live right by roadsides.  As you can imagine, they are falling out of the trees and getting run over by vehicles.

Unfortunately, koalas mark their territory and stay there, even if the trees are grown in people’s back yards. Days are beginning to get busier and busier for rescuers, due to how many koalas are getting stuck in trees and getting knocked over.


In 1750, over ¾ of South Australia were possible Koala habitats, but now there is hardly any left in the wild, and experts think that there are only 80,000 left in the wild!

I got all my facts and quotes from the National Geographic Magazine and National Geographic Magazine Kids.



Here are some poems provided by Y5 pupils.  They were asked to write a haiku, kenning or acrostic about Australian animals.

Koalas are very smelly

On trees they scratch a lot

Also they are mostly grey

Legs are mostly made for climbing

And that is why you should stay away from them.


Hair everywhere,

Sharp claws

Very smelly,

Big belly,

No beak,

Big feet not weak,

Very brave!


As sunset passed

He got off the tree,    

His furry ears,

Search for noise.

Eucalyptus leaves,

Held by claws,

Chewed by teeth.



Opens its eyes

As sunset passed

Leered by food

An animal waits.


Streamline crocodile,

Under the water,

To catch its prey.


Catching its prey,

Racing through the water,

Oozing with awesomeness,

Crocodile is the name,

Obviously vicious,

Determined to get some food,

It’s an agile animal in Australia,

Lovely and sharp,

Everyone wants to be as nasty as the

Crocodile SNAP! Watch out!


KS2 Art with Francis Firebrace

Here are some of the works of art produced this morning.  Some pieces may be unfinished.

In Assembly

Francis led our assembly this morning.  Here are the first pictures of the day.

Y4 Play: The Heart of Australia

Yesterday Y4 performed their play for the first time.  All classes in the school came to see the performance and, afterwards, Zephaniah class wrote a letter to the Y4 pupils.  This is what it said:

Dear Year 4,

We thought that your play was very impressive and very well written. While we were watching our mouths where wide open, waiting to see what would happen next. We particularly enjoyed the snake story.

We would have liked to see more stories, and more about koalas. We liked the way you split it up into different stories. We liked the way everyone spoke clearly, and looked at the audience. We also liked the way you learnt your parts. You shared out your lines very well. The heartbeat at the beginning of each story was really effective.  We also thought that the animal rhythm was really effective, (we even had a go our selves!!!)  Some of the performances were really funny!

Overall it was a really good play – you and Mr Whitewick have worked really hard. If you did another play we would love to come!

Yours truly

Zephaniah class and Mrs Nunn