More about The Didgeridoo Man

Our writers group interviewed Chris Holland about his work and what it is like to be the Didgeridoo Man.

Chris has over 100 plastic practice didgeridoos as well as 9 wooden and metal ones.  he also has a tromberidoo (which is also known as the Didgeribone).  When he was in Barcelona he bought a whirly Didgeridoo because he saw one and thought ‘Wow, I must have it!’  He paid £100.00 for it.  Chris would next like to get a woodslide didgeridoo.

You can get didgeridoos made out of glass, fibreglass, plastic, metal, wood and pottery.

None of Chris’s family play the didgeridoo like he does but they have all had a go at some time.

Chris played with Rolf Harris and in a band called ‘Jabberwocky’.  Mostly, Chris plays on his own but he sometimes plays with others and sometimes he is the only didgeridoo player with other musicians.

Chris has visited the east of Australia.  His favourite place was Bald Rock, which is the second biggest rock in Australia after Ayers Rock.

I would love to learn how to play the didgeridoo and I am looking forward to his visit to our class.



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